Wednesday, May 7, 2008

identification of one of the "mystery plants!"

One of the plants I found on the property the other day turns out to be a rare mint! The Center for Plant Conservation website says it is Collinsonia verticillata--also know as early stoneroot, whorled horse-balm, whorled stoneroot. It is listed as Sensitive by the U.S. Forest Service "...due to its limited range in the Southern Appalachian Mountains...."

I took more photos of the plant today before I learned about what it was from a friend. And I noticed at least seven plants flowering, leaves for more.

I also saw devil's bit or fairy wand growing near the whorled horse-balm. What a wonderful spring we're having here!


  1. Tommye- pictures of the mint, please?

  2. Ruth,
    The mint is the second photo below the page of several fern shots...below.