Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 Tapestry Diary is off the loom

My new warp for 2014 is about to be placed on the loom; I'll be tying onto the remains of the old warp just like I did last year (wrote about that at this post when I finished for 2012).

For 2013 I used wefts that were dye samples made years ago.  Time that I was away from home was indicated with the linen as I used for the warp.  Several weeks worth of linen were spaced throughout the earlier part of the year, woven when I returned from teaching or retreats.  Several more hours of finishing work is needed for this but that will wait until I have time to do it.  Like most things, loose ends eventually get tied up!

So... Happy New Year to one and all!  May your days be filled with health and happiness and your hands busy with work.

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