Thursday, December 19, 2013


A couple of shots as I weave on this piece... these were taken yesterday.  I hope to get at least a few inches done today although I'm getting a late start.  Lots of other things to do in these last few days before Christmas!  So... quickly, here I am, weaving away yesterday afternoon.  More of today's progress later, I hope.

The loom has three sets of two treadles each.  That way, whichever side of the loom I'm working on the treadles are easy to reach and open the shed.  Of course, I still finger pick a lot of times--don't even bother with the treadles--especially if it's only a few threads I need to go through.

You can see some of the arms of my octopus lamp in the bottom photo.  In both can be seen some of my photos that I refer to occasionally for information about  details.  I've made changes in the cartoon along the way.  To do that, I sometimes sit at the stool that's visible at the right side and at the back of the loom.  I draw with Sharpie marker on the back side of the cartoon paper and it's thin enough that I can see the correction or addition marks at the front.

OK... afternoon coffee just finished brewing; I'll get a cup of that and sit down at the loom to begin!

Later today--here's where I've gotten to as I leave the studio:

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