Thursday, December 26, 2013


Completed!  Almost, that is.   The design is woven and the cartoon removed.  I've got the hem or turn-back area to weave and should be able to do that tomorrow.  Yesterday was spent doing Christmas day things and not at the loom.  But today, with the help of three CDs of the James Lee Burke novel I'm listening to, I finished the last few inches.

With the help of a few more CDs tomorrow I should be able to get the hem completed.  Cut off coming soon!


  1. That is absolutely beautiful! Thank you for sharing your progress with this lovely work.

  2. Yea! It is beautiful, and what an efficient and dedicated weaver you are! You have inspired me to get busy.

  3. Nancy, thank you so much.

    Kathy--thanks for the note. I can hardly wait to see yours!!

  4. P.S. I've enjoyed the slide-show along the way as you worked on the piece. Thanks for taking us along on the journey.