Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Tapestry Diary for 2014 begins

I'm taking a Simplify approach this year for the ongoing tapestry that I do--the one that I work on daily, with discrete areas woven each day.   I began calling this practice my tapestry diary a few years back.  Several others are also weaving daily bits of tapestry and I enjoy seeing the results of their exploration of the concept very much.  You might want to peek at what Jan Austin and Janette Meetze are doing in this approach.  Also, Geri Forkner has been doing daily weavings since 2005.  Her works created in this way are amazing to see.

As I think about what I've done with this daily tapestry practice since 2009 I realize that the time I spend weaving the small part ranges from a few minutes up to an hour.  Last year I decided to use yarn from a set of dye samples I'd made years ago; the small skeins of the many resulting colors had been stored since then.  As 2013 rolled around I felt it was time to finally make use of those little bits of color.  And I did.  And, now, a year later I still have more of the dye samples remaining!

Yes, looks like just a tangle, I know.  But it's really easy to sort out the pieces.  And that's what I'm doing this year, at least so far--just a week into 2014.  I'm going to use up the remaining dye sample bits this year and will do so in simple stripes, rectangles and squares.

I'm picking out a yarn from the jumble and weaving it until it's used up.  I haven't counted the numbers of yarn parts in those bins... will I have 365 bits of yarn to use up during the year?  I'm saving back a bit from the longer lengths of yarn (those in the top left bin) to use later in the year.   Maybe in a month or so I'll count the yarn bits to see if I have the remaining amounts to select from... or maybe I'll just see how it plays out.  Sort of like life.


  1. I decided this year to do a "diary" so I started then I tried to estimate the length of my "diary" as started and ended up with a piece 12 yards long! I think I need to revise my plans just a little!

  2. Thanks for mentioning my TD work Tommye, it is interesting and fun to watch the various TD's slowly taking shape during the year.