Tuesday, August 30, 2011

And still more from Hambidge

I spent some of the day with another resident, taking her to the MARTA station in Doraville, near Atlanta, so she could ride into the airport for her flight back to CT... which was delayed because of Hurricane Irene. I was glad to help out. Before I left this morning about 9 I took a few minutes to add some darker green to the large dogwood leaves... I'm still not happy with them but just had to see them differently when I got back!

I also added a bit of the mixed dark green to this one:

I stopped by a Hobby Lobby (a big craft/art supply chain) on my way back to look for frames for the small four-selvedge pieces... didn't find any but did find a couple of brushes that I just had to have. My brush stock, as I've mentioned earlier, mostly consists of hardware store paint brushes, foam brushes, and a few that have been with me since undergraduate days... that are like sticks now. I've got several quite expensive and wonderful watercolor brushes that are a joy to use but I certainly don't want to subject them to what I'm doing with the acrylic paint! Anyway, a couple of brushes, a bottle of gesso, and a product that says it will take out hardened acrylic paint later (guess those old brushes are going to have a deep cleaning bath, huh?) I'm back here at Hambidge.

I spent the afternoon with revisions on submissions for the next version of the Stonepile Writers Anthology. I was fortunate to have a couple of poems published in the last one but this time around I'm submitting three short essays. I have my "technology table" here, can't get online until I take either my MacBook or my iPad to the Rock House--but here's the way it all looks. Just bought the printer at the local "it shall not be named store"... an HP that will work wirelessly with my iPad... how happy was I with the first thing it printed from its wireless small network between the iPad and the printer...?... pretty darn happy! Yes, the printer is too large to travel with easily but then I've got a way to get images and text from my iPad into hard copy. So there!

This afternoon after getting the submissions done, driving into town to the P.O. to mail something to my husband, I decided that I'd finally again weave a bit... so here's the continuing saga of the landscape tapestry on the frame loom:

I have no cartoon for it but am looking around at the several landscape paintings as the design basis. It's 8" wide at 10 epi; I'm using 5-fold of 20/2 wool (Fine Fiber Press ELF yarn). I'll probably weave at least 8" high and maybe more... have enough warp on the loom to do about 14"... so I'll see how tall the clouds and sky will want to be as I get to them!

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  1. I would imagine that all your beautiful paintings provide much motivation for your weaving!!!!