Thursday, September 1, 2011

Sept. 1 at Hambidge Center

First things first... here's the August tapestry diary, woven for the last bit yesterday on the last day of August and cut off today. I rewarped and have woven for the first day of September... more about that later in the month as the new weaving for September progresses.

My painting process and I are struggling... here are a few shots but all pieces are still in flux:

This one is getting closer but still has some hours of work remaining.

This is also getting close to the finishing point... still some value development to go. I'm walking down Mellinger Trail every morning and looking closely to see what I see... hoping that will inform the piece. The bright spot in the center of the painting is the yard of the Rock House as one sees it when leaving the canopy of the trees at Mellinger Trail.

These big dogwood leaves below have gone through many changes and the changes are still happening! I had a major hissy fit with them today and painted over all with white paint; because the dark blue-violet I'd previously used in the background hadn't dried I got this sort of periwinkle color... that's OK for now. I used pastels to redraw leaves but different than the ones that were there originally but based on them. So, this piece and I have many issues to work out soon, I hope!

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