Friday, August 5, 2011

I said I would...and I did!

In my last post I mentioned that I thought I could get to the last of the quilt by the end of the day on Friday. I have done that!  Now... lots more weaving to go but it will be all one color although broken into lazy line areas.  I'm still deciding on the height of the upper area; could be that I'll make it a bit longer than originally designed--have enough warp on the loom to do that.  I'll look at the cartoon tomorrow to make that decision.  I took the cartoon off the loom since I don't need it any longer as reference for weaving.  So I'll be able to hang it up, look at it awhile and see how to proceed.

Can't see too much because of the tool shelf across the width of the loom but here's where I am at the end of today:


  1. It looks GREAT! I love the design a folded quilt makes on the back of a chair, or folded on the bed. You've captured that look!

  2. Thanks! Yes, I also love what happens when one sort of "catches" the quilt in its just used state.

  3. This is so pretty!!! I don't know why I am not spending more time learning the art of tapestry. I so love it.
    Thanks for the link to the bird in stitch. I will look into it.