Wednesday, June 11, 2008

weaving boot camp

...a few photos from this week's weaving experience for my sisters-in-law. Both should finish their weavings by tomorrow...84" long x 12" wide runner and a 52" long x 35" wide rag rug. They're working hard!! Oh...the first two shots are of my husband rolling my smaller Kessenich loom down the street to the studio.


  1. I wish I had wonderful sisters-in-law so close by. *sigh* How fun!

    The photo of the little loom on the dolly is just priceless.

  2. It was just great fun to spend time with both in this way.

  3. This was the most rewarding bootcamp EVER!!! Not only to have such a beautiful result, but to spend time with Tommye and some time with my brother Thomas. They both 'did too much' as our mom would say. It was an experience that literally changed my life.
    Thanks so much,
    GI Joan

  4. Cost of fabric = 13.95
    Time spent at bootcamp = 5 days
    Value of experience = Priceless

    Tommye, a.k.a. Weaving Goddess(name we gave her)gave me an opportunity to not only produce a beautiful product but to spend alot of quality time with her. I also want to acknowlege Thomas' efforts in making this such a fun experience. As our mom would say "You did too much." This week has literally changed my life.
    Thanks so very much,
    GI Joan