Thursday, June 12, 2008

boot camp continues...

Day four and a half at weaving boot camp begins shortly; recruits are over half way into their weavings and will finish the weaving today, I'm sure. Both are doing a fantastic job of craftsmanship with their first weaving experience. The designs are working out beautifully, too. This is so much fun--hard work that results in a wonderful product at the end. We've been hard at it from 9 each morning, taking only about a 30-45 minute lunch break at the studio, then an hour or so out for dinner. I go home then and J & J continue working into the wee hours. They're staying at the studio so can weave in their jammies, if they want to.

I hope we'll have time later today to drive over the mountain to John C. Campbell Folk School. I'd like for them to have at least a brief exposure to the place--see the grounds, the studios, visit the craft shop.

Yesterday I had time to work on my current tapestry for a bit. I'll be ready to tackle the first of the fiddleheads by the weekend, I think.

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