Sunday, June 27, 2010

Second week begins at Lillian Smith Center

Not much to show today... I spent the day with revisions of the paper and weaving on the sampler, until the day's storm blew in, around 5 p.m.  This afternoon storm cycle is beginning to wear on the nerves!  At least I don't think anything blew down around here today to block access in or out... not that any of us want to go anywhere at this point of the evening!  And we didn't lose power although there was a blink at one point.  We're told to unplug and disconnect everything here in the Common Room that's related to the internet... the power to the DSL box and the phone line connection, whenever we leave because of the frequency of storms.  And, at this point--I believe it!

Here are a few things I saw and collected with the camera today.  I also did some drawings of things found around, per Suzanne Stryk's workshop yesterday.  I didn't photograph those yet; I picked up another few things to draw tomorrow... or maybe I'll find new things, instead.

Got to start with today's view of the red door:

This mushroom was amazing; the doubled top seemed to emerge from one stem/base.

Nice rock here that I haven't noticed before... is the red from iron oxide?

Looks like a penny for your thoughts, here...

and this is the view of the road this morning, tree cutting to right and left.


  1. i like the patterns on the Red Door today, they seem to be more distinctive. When i was a child i used to ask my father to tell me a story about a door!
    The red rock could be because of iron oxide - lay some damp cloth on it for the rest of the time there and see if it turns rusty...k.

  2. Hey T.
    I love your photos, especially the one of the vine twining around another plant--all those fibers!! Looks like you're getting a lot out of the retreat.
    pat w