Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Cut that tapestry off and move on!

Here's my month of May woven journal as I'm cutting it off the loom yesterday. I had to get a look at the whole thing so I hung it up from the loom temporarily. It's 4" wide x 41" long. I wove each section of just over 1" high in an hour or less as I proceeded through each day's allotment...so I'd say I have around 41 hours of time invested in the actual process of putting weft into warp in this little tapestry.

Often I have people ask how long it takes to weave a tapestry. I can tell them how many weeks (or months) a particular piece was on the loom but haven't had a clear idea about the literal time it takes me to weave. Of course, each section of this piece was pretty easy in that I was simply indicating the day of the month in a mark of some kind. It got sort of tricky once the days began to add up but I figured out a system for pretty easily marking those through the use of pick and pick.

It's been a challenge and a great deal of fun...I'm glad to finally have done this!

NOW, on to the first fiddlehead tapestry! Got the hem woven yesterday, refined the cartoon and will start weaving today.

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  1. Gosh Tommye, I don't drop in for a few days, and look what has transpired. Where did the month go??!!

    I absolutely love this calendar tapestry. In particular, it is very cool how so many unrelated colors have come together so beautifully because of the geometrics dictated by space and time. I love that!

    Now, off to see what you've been doing with those fiddleheads.

    Weave on!