Friday, June 20, 2008

and even more...

Time's a-wasten' ! Or something to that effect. Convergence and ATA events are rapidly approaching and I need to get the spiral of the second fiddlehead done before the 15th of July!!!!! I'll be gone from the 25th of June and return late on the 2nd of July for Convergence/ATA so I'm going to need to turn up the volume on weaving time.

The tapestry will be used during the Southern Highland Craft Guild July fair as a demonstration piece and I want to be into areas that will not cause me too much strain as I weave it...after all, I need to be able to talk to folks as I show them how tapestry is woven! The concentration I need to bring to the fiddlehead is more than I can give in the midst of hundreds of people milling around at a craft fair.

So, the push is on to be about half-way through the piece when it goes to the fair. Today, a background shape was filled in. The color of today's shot is more like the actual color of the piece than yesterday's. I'm snapping quick digital photos and downloading into iPhoto, then exporting to Photoshop for image size changes. Sometimes I try to quickly adjust the color to what is more accurate but am not really making much effort to that effect.

My husband and I did take a bit of a break tonight, though. We saw the latest Indiana Jones movie at the local theater and had dinner afterwards at a restaurant in town. One of the wonderful things about living in a small town is being able to take advantage of walking to the town square, going to the theater for a movie or a performance, having a nice meal--and not having to GET IN THE CAR and drive somewhere!!!


  1. Tommye,

    Should this color scheme progress as it has to this point, it is going to be absolutely poetic.

  2. Lookin' good, Tommye! Some of the most creative weaving I have done was while I was demonstrating. I couldn't pay close attention to the colors I grabbed, so those pieces are much more creative, color-wise, and they have an incredible spontaneous energy about them. Sometimes I think I think TOO MUCH while weaving! Have fun at Convergence!