Saturday, January 17, 2015

A new tapestry begins today

The weaving of it, that is.  I made the warp earlier in the week and dressed the loom.  Today I took a trip to the local UPS store to have the cartoon printed on the wide format printer and now I've gotten turn-back area underway.  I'm weaving this turned 90˚ to the direction it will hang because of several shapes that will be better woven in a more horizontal direction (see my thoughts in this post when I was weaving a sample for this tapestry in December).

Here's the "blank slate" first--nice, empty warp ready for anything:

And here's the beginning of the turn-back.  You'll see the cartoon attached temporarily so I can line up the color areas of the turn-back with how the colors will begin in the tapesry.

I'll be posting more of this tapestry progress as it happens--maybe.  Maybe I'll post, not maybe progress will happen!

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