Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Sample completed

I've finished the 6" x 9" sample of a portion of design.  Here's what it looks like before turning back the hems:

Here's the sample in context with the rest of the design, pinned on top of the painting I'm working from:

From the sampling I've learned these things:
  1. A sett of 10 epi would be best if I want to weave the tapestry the size of the painting
  2. The colors will need adjustment.  The lighter green of the back side of the leaf needs to be even lighter in vlaue and the interior part of the leaf needs more richness of hue.
  3. I need to carefully work to delineate the subtle values of the petals and to distinguish each from the other.  In the sample I've used white, very light gray and a light medium gray in various combinations.
  4. I need to more carefully indicate the central portion of the flower.
  5. The background blue should be changed a bit--don't want it to be as turquoise as in the painting but should have variations to combine turquoise with more "sky" blue.
  6. I'm wondering if I should enlarge the size of the whole thing.
This design will now simmer for awhile as I get reacquainted with the landscape that I'd started during the TWS exhibit as a demonstration tapestry.  I took a few minutes with it this afternoon and reintroduced myself to it.

"Hello tapestry!" I said.

The tapestry sat mute at first, then said, "Well, you're pretty fickle, aren't you. "

"That's over!" I cried!  "It's all about you ..."

"Now...(at least)" I whispered.

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