Saturday, January 31, 2015

Tapestry Diary -- only 11 months remain of 2015!

I completed the January portion of the 2015 tapestry diary today.  Tomorrow the February adventure will begin.  I have three drawings completed to select from; I'd like to have a couple more finished before choosing which one I'll start with.

Here's January--day markings in squares or bands surround week-long renderings of oak leaves:

My bins of past wefts fill the center of my studio and I'm hoping to mostly use from these weft bits as I move through the year with the diary:

Since I usually combine more than one yarn in a weft bundle for my tapestry weaving, I almost always have to separate strands for what I'm going to use each day.  Most of the weft bundles are also only a yard or so long--in other words, I'm not just picking up and using from these wefts in the bins.  I have to select the colors I want from a couple of bundles, separate them and then recombine them.  Tedious.  Yes.  But that's OK.  Tedious is synonymous for Tapestry.


Sue said...

Lovely January. Can't wait for more

Molly Elkind said...

This is a really cool new approach to the diary, Tommye. I love how the realistic leaves are set off by the bands and squares. It's going to be beautiful! I also can't wait to see the next month, and the next. . . .