Friday, March 28, 2014

Stones progress

Another few inches--right side:

I have the painting hanging over the top of the loom, by the way.  As I proceed through the tapestry I'll roll up the lower part of of the painting so I keep the inches I'm using as reference for the tapestry in view.

For the cartoon, the line drawing behind the warp, I'm using a couple of sheets of mylar taped together (that join is the more opaque vertical line just to the right of center).  The top of the mylar is just about the top of my hanging bar--had to tape paper to the edge of the sheets so that it could hang over the bar and stay in place.  I'll add new sheets of mylar once this has been woven, taking this part of the cartoon away.

Usually my cartoon is drawn onto one piece of something (paper or mylar) rather in sections like this will be.  But this time I didn't have wide or long enough paper or mylar to use.  I first transferred the outlines from the painting onto clear vinyl and intended to use that as the cartoon.  But I didn't like that after I tried it at the loom because it was hard to attach to the warp and I also needed something behind the vinyl so I could see the lines more easily.  So... back to the mylar.


  1. I love that you addressed the cartoon issue, because I have been trying to figure out how to attach mine to my loom right now! I see the dowel you have it attached to, tied onto the loom. I will borrow that idea! Thanks!

  2. I love the earthy colors of this piece! It looks like it's going to be huge! How big will it be?

  3. Maggie, I've got the cartoon stitched with a regular sewing thread near the top of the areas I'm working on. I use a curved needle with the thread tied onto the eye of it to do the attachment (so when I drop the needle, as I almost always do, it won't come unthreaded!). After stitching near the top edge, I clip out the lower stitching. I don't let the cartoon roll onto the cloth beam with the tapestry--I make sure it falls behind the beam. On longer tapestries, I'll roll up the cartoon as it's used up, clipping it with big paper clips to keep it rolled.
    On this loom, because it's 60" wide, I got a piece of PVC plumbing pipe as the cartoon holder. It's tied to an upper part of the loom to hang in place behind the warp.
    Glad the post is helpful!

  4. Kathy,
    Thanks for your comment! The piece is 60" wide and will be about 72" long. It's 8 epi with 12/12 cotton seine twine as warp. I'm using 4 strands of Vevgarn as weft.