Monday, March 10, 2014

Stones again...

I've gotten a bit done on this tapestry even though doesn't seem like too much is going on.  All of that light neutral space that I want to stones to emerge from has to be woven.  That's one of the points Archie Brennan has made--when white space is desired in tapestry, unlike in drawing (where one might leave the blank paper as white), every bit of white has to be woven just like any of the other colors.

In areas I'm using similar light to medium values but changing the colors in the blends.  So far there's only one strongly contrasting area, just to the right of center.  More darks will come soon but not yet.

The thin white thread seen in several places is the sewing thread that I'm using to stitch the cartoon to the back of the tapestry.

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