Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Back to the stones after a couple of days away

I got back from my trip to Barton College late yesterday afternoon.  The drive was rainy and a bit icy around mid-point in the trip but I made it home safely.  But it was a long darn drive!  I was too pooped to do much of anything later but laundry and get dinner prep (and little enough of that--scrambled eggs!)  Studio time today, though.  And, yes, even though it might not be obvious I did get several inches woven.

So here are the rocks today, Tuesday, March 18:


  1. Tommye, that's what I've been noticing while I weave my first ACTUAL TAPESTRY: how little progress is noticeable. I see it with my nose pressed against the warp while I weave, but when I step away, it looks the same as when I started!

  2. Yes, Maggie, that's the way it seems. But then suddenly one day you'll realize you're half-way through the piece, then almost finished... that's when I have to be extra vigilant! If I rush I begin to make mistakes or I begin to cause the edges to draw in.

    I saw your start on the "actual tapestry" and looks good! I'll visit your blog again to see how things proceed. I hope you're liking the loom!