Thursday, May 9, 2013

Working today...

I've stayed at Mellinger for much of the day, working either on the cartoon or on the sample weaving. Here's another view of Mellinger. This is one of my favorite spots at Hambidge. There's not as much room to spread out on the walls as in some of the cabins but I've had plenty of space for 80" wide papers that I'm using to develop the cartoon. I also have two spacious worktables and was able to borrow another small table for my computer and projector. I've also taken over the small table near the kitchen area as my paint table and am using a smaller side table for meals. So it all is perfect.

Mellinger is at the end of the road -- a dead end-- on this side of the Hambidge property. It's a nice walk down through the trees to the Rock House where we have the evening meal and where I can get online. The path this morning:

This view of Mellinger Trail is almost to the lawn at Rock House.

And this is looking back in the opposite direction.

Around mid-day I drove into Clayton to return things to the Rabun County Library and checked out a few more books on CD. On the way into town, I traveled on a new road for me... one that Brenda and Donn had recommended yesterday and it was a wonderful winding road along a valley, lovely views of the fields and mountains. I was sorry I didn't have a camera with me but my eyes filled with many views of the developing springtime here in north Georgia as I drove.

I'd worked on the cartoon earlier this morning and then later this afternoon, and here it is at the stage I've gotten to. There are more hours of work before I'm satisfied with the value contrasts and the color.

Here's the section of the earlier watercolor of a section that I've framed off to use as reference as I do the sample weaving:

Here's where the tapestry sample has gotten to today--not a lot of change from yesterday but some. The sample is turned 90˚ to the way it would hang and is a 7.5 x 7.5" section of the 13" w x 80" l cartoon that I'm working on.

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  1. Wow Tommye, watching your creative process unfold is truly inspiring. I was in your class at Florida's FTWG in March and the ideas for tapestry are still coming. Watching how you take a concept and run with it really helps. I have a week off in July and hope to really explore one or two of them in 'Tommye' fashion.

  2. Thanks Cyndy!
    Yes, it is indeed a process for me. Sometimes I wish I could move through the stages more quickly (since I love to weave so much) but I know that, for me, I must let time be a factor...time for reflection and self-critique, for analysis and response.
    I hope you'll share with me what you're up to your tapestry work!