Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Jack in the Pulpit--found today!

I've been looking for this plant for the past two weeks. Today, a friend and I walked on Cove Forest Trail here on the Hambidge property. I'd walked there last week and didn't have the list of the identified and flagged plants with me. And this time I had the list to use as reference while we searched for elusive Jack. He was number 12 on the list of 41 identified wildflowers along this trail, as of April 26. While a few of the plants were past their blooms (some of the trillium) I did indeed find the one example of Jack in the Pulpit that was flagged. Possibly there were many more, most likely there were many more off the trail... but I was quite thrilled to see this one.

Brenda and I had a wonderful time ambling along and gawking at the verdant woods. Here's Brenda as we were taking a break along Betty Creek:

Brenda lives in Rabun County and is very familiar with many of the trails around the area. In fact, I'll be going on another hike either tomorrow or later in the week with her to a trail at Black Rock Mountain. She said she'd spotted yellow trillium there and that's one of the plants I'd like to see and photograph.

Back at Mellinger, the cottage where I'm staying while here, I continued to work on the weaving sample. First, here's Mellinger and then photos from inside.

Here's a portion of the larger design in watercolor sketch. I'm sampling with tapestry about a 7 1/2" square section of it to see how the design will translate into tapestry and also to try a few colors.

And, the day began with Mr. Big at the Weave Shed... you can see from the photo why he's called "Mr. Big"... he works hard at it!

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