Wednesday, January 9, 2013

A New Year is underway

My tapestry diary for 2013 has begun and I'll post about it sooner or later.

But my large feathers tapestry is moving along--even if slowly.  Here's where it stands today, at about 16 1/2" at the highest point on the right side.

This is about 1/4th of the way into the piece and the complications of shapes are just beginning.  The next areas of overlapping feathers will slow me down quite a bit but will be quite interesting to do.

I'm really enjoying the effects of the soumak lines in the background...

... and I'm using soumak within the feather shapes for some lines:

I returned from a couple of day trip to Asheville to pick up tapestries that had been in various exhibits and found in the mail box a check (!) for a sale of a small tapestry.  That was quite nice--the sale was of the feather image piece titled "Crow and More" -- the piece was at the Southern Highland Craft Guild's Allanstand shop.

One more bit of news--the latest American Tapestry Alliance educational article is one to which I contributed an essay.  Here's the link to it at the ATA site:  


  1. The soumack is interesting Tommye. I can't wait to see the finished piece. I love the feathers.

  2. I loved reading your article. Always a pleasure to know more about someone who shows up every day, so to speak. I have missed reading your posts, and I'm glad you're back.

  3. I really like the sumac use in the feathers and background. Are you still working on the smaller feather piece? I like it too.

    I enjoyed reading your article, the ATA is such a wealth of information and inspiration as are you.