Sunday, February 19, 2012

Inspiration from crows

Today I've made a bit of a change in the path that the feather tapestry was taking, inspired by a flock of crows (oops, is that a murder of crows?) making quite a ruckus outside the studio.  I think they were demanding to be part of the tapestry -- and so I listened.

I've worked with crows in tapestry in the past--in the mid-1990s, in fact.  One of my crow tapestries was selected for the Fiberarts Design Book V-- if you've got the book, look on page 172.  I wove at least five tapestries at that time with crows as featured subjects.  Two of the pieces were pretty large, about 54" square for the one in the book, and around 60" h x 36" w for another one.  The other three pieces were smaller ones.   Those were all done in the days before digital images.  I've got slides of most of the pieces but haven't scanned them.

Once again considering feathers, birds, and the inspirations that they can give is a good shift in thinking for me.  Thank you, crows, for coming to remind me of things I'd forgotten.


  1. Love the introduction of the black crow feather!Isn't it great the directions we go when we are alert to things around us... places we wouldn't go without the urging from that murder of crows! This also makes me aware of how alike feathers and tree branches and limbs are, and how interrelated everything is. Amazing!

  2. Yes, all the connections are indeed amazing! I had to give a big gulp before commiting to such a statk change- but I thought I'd at least try it- could always unweave. But i'm liking it!

  3. ...that was supposed to be "stark change....". Dang iPhone keyboard!

  4. Yes, definitely a murder of crows! These are so perfect with the soumak. Made for each other.