Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The feathers continue to grow

Here they are on January 16...


  1. Love this palette, Tommye! This piece will be stunning.
    I did a large tapestry with random soumack lines in the background years ago, because I was just tired of having so little texture show. I loved the effect, but it sure slowed the (already slow) weaving down! Which is why I guess I've not done it since then. Your piece may inspire me to try it again - on a smaller scale than I did then, though.

  2. Yes, it does slow it down a bit! But there's so much of that blue that having the lines to put in give me some "entertainment" while weaving inch after inch of the same thing!
    Which of your pieces did you use the random soumak lines in? Is it at your website? I'd love to see it.

  3. It is on the website, though I'm not sure you can see the soumak. It is Scrub Oak. I'm going to be taking some photos in the next day or so and I'm shoot a detail and email it to you then.

  4. Wonderful! Thanks, Kathy; I'm looking forward to seeing the photos.

  5. This tapestry is looking so beautiful Tommye!

    I bought a copy of World Tapestry Today in the library sale at Arrowmont last summer and Archie's quote made me laugh when I read it so it was fun to revisit it on your blog. I imagine that he is an inspiring teacher.