Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Day three at ATA retreat--the end!

So many good times were had by all of those who came to the ATA retreat! We've had ups and downs, of course. But it seems that all who came and took part will have something positive to take home with them. Maybe that was a new technique learned. Perhaps it was honing skills already there but needing a bit of work. Getting to know people better--putting faces with names, that's always a wonderful thing to have an opportunity to do.

Mary Lane is already posting photos she's been making throughout the retreat at the ATA Facebook page. Look for an article in Tapestry Topics about the retreat in the future, too.

So... here are a few of my photos from today. I wish for safe travels to all! I hope to arrive home tomorrow before dark and get some rest, with my own pillow at last, then be back at the fiddlehead tapestry on Thursday!

Jean Pierre checks out Sonja's weaving.

Jean Pierre points out details about techinque to Barbara.

Ann inspects what Liz has been doing--Bobbi works away at her loom behind them.

Victoria and Jean Pierre inspect something.

Mary Lane takes a photo of the inspection process... look at the ATA FB page to see her version!

Sharing today... Sonja's work.

Marcia showed her tapestry to the group.
And... a few shots from Archie's class:

And back to our class with Jean Pierre:

Jean Pierre and Bobbi take a look at Marcia's work.

Beautiful dots and other effects from Liz's three days.

Marcy's hard at work... mirror behind her warp!

Jean Pierre takes a look at Fran's work.

Pamela's beautiful effects using the methods that Jean Pierre shared during the workshop.
Thanks to Mary Lane who worked so hard to coordinate all of the details to cause this wonderful workshop to happen! And thanks to the American Tapestry Alliance for offering opportunities like this. If you've never attended an ATA retreat before, I hope you'll put one on your wish list. I know the next one (wherever it may be) is on mine--and I hope I'll see you there!


  1. The workshops look amazing. I am hoping to do this in future now that I have had a personal tour!

  2. I hope you'll do it, Janette! Every one I've been to has been so inspiring and educational--well worth the time!!