Thursday, July 26, 2012

ATA Retreat "Graduation" photos

Here are the two groups who took part in the wonderful three days of workshops at the American Tapestry Alliance retreat that finished on Tuesday afternoon.  Thanks to Mary Lane for her permission to use her photos here.  Mary was the coordinator for the event, doing this along with her other labors on behalf of ATA.  Thank you, Mary, for everything you do for all of the rest of us in this tapestry organization--and in the larger tapestry world!

Archie Brennan's class members, with Archie sitting in the front:

And Jean Pierre Larochette & Yael Lurie's class members, Yael in front center and Jean Pierre standing  behind her in the center of the group.

I hope everyone made it home from their trip smoothly and safely--if going home.  If you were continuing your travels (as I know some of you are), have a wonderful time.  And I hope to see all of you again in the future!

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  1. Tommye, thank you so much for posting so many photos about the ATA retreats. I enjoyed going back today and looking at them. Kudos to Mary Lane for all her hard work (as always!). I would love to have a chance to study with both Archie and Jean Pierre. Anyway, thanks for sharing.