Friday, September 2, 2011

Finally--a bit of rain today at Hambidge

It's only rained one other time during the past three weeks while I've been here. This afternoon a storm moved through quickly. A few rumbles of thunder, heavy rain for maybe five minutes and then it was gone. I see the sun now so that might have been it for the rain... but it's very much needed around here as it is in many places.

So... today's progress with pieces. I think I'm just about ready to take this one off the wall. I'll decide about it when I look again tomorrow:

The lights being reflecting in the top--the color's not quite that yellow green there.

This one is close to completion, too:

But I'm struggling still with the large leaves as well as the other dogwood one. Here are the stages they're in now:

Yes, I know--both are murky. I just had to make some major changes to begin to see them differently, though. Steve Aimone says, "When in doubt make big changes." So I filled the largest brush and rapidly painted over the whole thing. I've redrawn back into both of these with chalk pastel and used a wet brush to move the chalk lines around a bit. I've painted back into the large leaf one but -- lots more to do to try to salvage either of these.

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  1. I really like how your two tree-scapes have turned out. The top one is restful, and the second one is so rhythmic, it fells almost musical.
    You have accomplished so much there! I am impressed.