Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Working on the quilt tapestry...

I'm back from the wonderful two weeks at the Lillian E. Smith Center and getting reacquainted with what I was working on as I left.  I've woven a few inches today above the area I photographed yesterday afternoon before leaving the studio.  I'm hoping to have this piece finished before too many weeks go by and possibly move on to one of the others from this series based on earlier batiks.  

I'm also working each day on finishing details for the assorted tapestry diary pieces.  Using lots of bits and pieces of wefts is a great way to recycle from bobbins... but it leaves hundreds (maybe thousands) of ends to be attended to.  I'm preparing the tapestry diary pieces for exhibit and don't want to have to do them all at once because finishing steps are necessary... but tedious... and, yes... even boring!

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  1. Tommye, I have found that while I am doing those boring finishing tasks, I can put my iPad nearby with a TV show or light movie from Netflix or PBS on. Most can just be listened to, with an occasional glance away from my work. I actually have found that this makes me work faster and more diligently. (Fewer boredom breaks, I guess.)