Friday, July 15, 2011

Changes are underway for some folks...

Erica and LouLou are at third and fourth from the left, sort of in the top center of photo.  This was taken during one of the weekly housekeeping meetings with tutor and director of the Visual Art Program, Pat Taylor.

I just read a couple of blog postings from friends I made while at West Dean last fall.  LouLou Morris is completing her MFA program at the College and moving on; Erica Diazone is also leaving with a Postgraduate Diploma and heading back to the U.S.  You can read about their progress at their blogs, the gift half understood (LouLou's blog) and Erica's blog, Between the Warps.

I very much enjoyed getting to know both Erica and LouLou when I was in England last year--as well as the other two students in the Tapestry & Textile Art program, Diana and Magenta.  Working under the guidance of Pat Taylor we all spent days and evenings in the tapestry studio, sharing ideas about our work and about life. I'm sorry I couldn't be there at the end of term exhibit to see the work they've produced this year as well as the work of the others in the painting and sculpture studios.  But I treasure the six weeks I did have with them in 2010.

Happy times ahead for you as you leave West Dean, Erica and LouLou!  And continuing success, Diana and Magenta, as you move through the rest of your time there.

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