Monday, July 25, 2011

Fantastic property for sale in Western North Carolina!

No... not my usual tapestry design or weaving post but something I want to share.  Friends are hoping to sell a structure and about 10 acres adjacent to a larger tract of 140 acres that they own, the smaller portion with an Oregon dome on it.  Their interest in the larger portion property is for conservation sake; they'll be making sure that the 140 acres will remain undeveloped in perpetuity.  They've already ensured another 100+ acres in the same way near their home in Western North Carolina.  I wrote about my visit to the upper part of the land that they'll be keeping in a blog post back in 2009... link to that is here.  

So here are a few photos of the dome taken on that visit a couple of years.  The link to the ad in Mountain Xpress with details about the property is here.

This would be such a fantastic location for someone to develop as a small artist retreat center.  If I were younger this would be something I'd very seriously consider doing myself... but with ties and obligations where I am now it's not possible.  I hope the right person(s) will come along and help the place live up to its wonderful potential!

Looking toward the dome from the parking area... a windmill is seen at the right

view of the pond that's near the dome

Looking into surrounding woods from the entry road 

view of the fireplace taken from the balcony on the third level

looking out the windows in the living room; fireplace is at right

Parker and Erica coming into the living room

view from the entrance (where Parker & Erica were in the last photo) 


Steps up to next level (r) and down to lower level (l)... one of the bedrooms through the open door


  1. Interesting- I know where it's twin is here in Oregon. It's off of 34 headed into Corvallis. Always wondered what the inside was like...

  2. The place is so light, airy and spacious! And I didn't have photos of the upper level or the full size lower level to show. I really hope this will be snapped up by a person or organization that wants to be off the grid and that will take advantage of the solitude for creative uses. Noel & Patrick are the owners and want the dome to go to good use; they'll be keeping the 140 acres next to it and have a totally off the grid small cabin get-away at the very top of a mountain there.
    I very seriously would love to take this on and might try to manage it if I were 20 years younger!! But... it's right for someone, just not me in this lifetime!

  3. This is beautiful and REALLY tempting Tommye. We'll see what my partner says. How far is it from the Greensboro research triangle area?

  4. Rebecca, it would be PERFECT for you! Wonderful place to have looms, has great gardening potential, according to Noel (who gardens a lot), and the hiking opportunities are endless.

    It's about 2 hours + from Greensboro, maybe three? About an hour from Asheville--and that area of Western NC is full of wonderful crafts, including weaving.

    Penland is about 2 hours away, as well... then there are the Smokies... just about 45 mins.

  5. Tommye,
    The quilt tapestry is wonderful and especially as a touchstone to personal past. These touchstones seem to grow more apparent and necessary as we get on!
    Best wishes,