Sunday, June 26, 2011

More about Lillian Smith...

Quotes are from a brochure about The Lillian E. Smith Center for Creative Arts:

"...Dreaming, talking, acting: this is the way to bring change about."

"...Lillian E. Smith (was) one of the country's eminent writers, civil rights activists, and humanitarians. Smith held at the center of her being her function as a creative artist. She also deeply valued the power of the arts to transform the lives of all human beings."

My residency here this summer is giving me time and place to explore my thoughts about making--both the object being made and the process being used. How does that happen differently at a retreat rather than in my home studio? Well, for one thing all my concentration is on my process--no dilution of energy toward others. That's a selfish desire, I know. But sometimes immersion in making is what I need to help me make my way to another level.


  1. I wouldn't say selfish. I'd say centered.

    Looks like it's been a good retreat.

  2. If this was facebook, I could click the 'like' button. Enjoy your stay and the solitude. I could use a bit of that myself. I am enjoying being the keeper of the Archie/Susan tapes and am enjoying the review process. He is amazing.