Monday, June 27, 2011

Learning about iPad and photoshop mobile

My residency continues through Friday and my small four selvedge tapestries grow daily. I've woven eight now and I've got two larger warps ready to use. I'll put another warp on the extra frame after lunch. I installed leashes on the warp I did this morning-- wanted to try them with four selvedge; I didn't have a loom with me that I could hang the leash bar from-- so my solution? Go to the hardware store and buy parts for yet another loom! Less than $40 and I've got a new loom, one that I put Ts at the top and 6" copper stub out. I'll post a photo of that weaving as it gets underway later. I'm still challenged with getting photos into blogger via the iPad. Transferring from digital camera to the laptop then to iPad is irritating but I'm working with photos taken with the iPad, manipulating them with photoshop mobile, then e-mailing to my blogger account.

Whoops, got to get offline! A quick storm has come up and I need to unplug everything!

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  1. Tommye, I have an adapter that will put my photos directly into the iPad. I also have an app called BlogPress that will send posts from the iPad to the blog. It works pretty well, though not as smoothly as from my computer. My husband got me the camera adapter. You can get one to work with most digital cameras from Amazon (search iPad camera connection).
    I am, once again, envious of your retreat! Thought about scheduling one for myself, but I must get the piece off the big loom first.