Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A few more days here on retreat...

Pat Williams at Focus Gallery
although I took a break yesterday from the Lillian Smith Center to go to Asheville along with friends, Pat Williams and Peggy McBride. Pat has an exhibit of her tapestries in the Focus Gallery at the Folk Art Center, headquarters of the Southern Highland Craft Guild in Asheville, NC. Pat's a juried member of the Guild and has the opportunity to show along with one other person for six weeks. My work was there last year along with Diane Getty's fabric collages. The chance to have a small show in a location that has hundreds of visitors daily is unique for artists--at least for those of us who's work isn't in the Met or the Louvre! Pat worked for a year and a half to create a new body of work specifically for this exhibit; it will be up until August 9. The Folk Art Center is open daily from 9-5 and if you're anywhere near Asheville, I hope you can get to see it.
So... here's Pat standing in the gallery area.  
Before we left Asheville yesterday afternoon we went to the River Arts District to see the new location of Sutherland Handweaving Studio. It's now in the old cotton mill building. Pat and I are going to be collaboratively teaching a tapestry class there in November--just got that finalized yesterday with Karen Donde and Barb Butler, the owners of Sutherland. Contact Karen at this link for more information about the class.
Now... on with the day here at Lillian Smith. The walk this morning presented several interesting views of the tree tops and the sky. Seems to be getting overcast now, though. We've had storms here almost every afternoon or evening. Nice to have rain; not nice to have lightening and wind!

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  1. Yay Pat! The show looks fantastic, wish I was there to see it.