Saturday, August 7, 2010

No post with photos from New Mexico is ready yet!

So instead, I'll direct you to a few posts from others...

I was very happy to finally meet Lyn Hart, face-to-face.  We've corresponded through e-mail for a few years now.  In fact, her blog and Kathy Spoering's blog are the ones that got my blogging started.  Lyn and Janie Hoffman allowed me to ride along to the opening of the exhibit Interwoven Traditions: New Mexico and the Bauhaus.  The work in the exhibit is by James Koehler, Rebecca Mezoff and Cornelia Theimer Gardella.  I asked Rebecca if I could photograph her statement "Spiraling" from the exhibit and she kindly consented.  She's also posted it to her blog... so I'll direct to that rather than my photo of the text.  Her work is just beautiful and I was glad to meet her.

I had fun meeting some of the Weavolution folks in the vendor's hall at the Convention Center in Albuquerque.  Laverne Waddington was there to demonstrate backstrap weaving and Kathe Todd-Hooker was there at the same time--here's the link to Laverne's blog post with Kathe and my photo at the Weavo booth...  then here's a photo of the bag I bought from Laverne, also from at her blog.  The bag works just great for small bobbins.

Jan Austin's blog has some of her thoughts and photos from New Mexico--and she's going to be adding more about the experience, bit by bit.  Jan and I were in the same workshop at the ATA retreat--the one James Koehler led.  What an exerience--I've got a few photos from both the classroom and also the visit to his studio but haven't had time to edit yet.  Jan and Marcy also allowed me to share their rental car on a gallery adventure in Albuquerque (to see Kathe Todd-Hooker's exhibit at Village Wools).   I also rode back to the airport from Santa Fe with them on the morning we were leaving.

My Penland class is rapidly approaching and most of my time is being spent with final prep work.  I made a quick trip there on Thursday of this week to take five table looms--got one more to take along next weekend to add to those.  There's also one or two at Penland we can use.  There's another weaving class going on at the same time as mine and they will be using the primary weaving studio.  We'll be on the third floor in the surface design studio.  Mostly we'll be using the copper pipe frame looms but I'll also be showing about a few weft-faced loom controlled methods and so need looms with at least three-shafts.
More about all of that will come soon... maybe!

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  1. Thank you for sharing the links. Everyone that went seems to have glowing reports!