Sunday, August 1, 2010

a few sketches from the plane, going and coming...

I always select a window seat on flights, if given the choice.  This time I had window seats reserved for both flights--however, when I boarded in Atlanta a lady was in my assigned seat by the window.  She asked if I'd mind changing with her and taking an aisle seat.  My usual compliant nature didn't come forth--I said, "No... I'd like my seat, please."  I wasn't huffy but I intended to SIT BY THE WINDOW so I could see the land, the sky, the clouds as we traveled the 1000 + miles from Atlanta to Albuquerque.  She moved, not a problem... but, by even mentioning it here I know I still feel guilty about insisting on the seat.  Oh well.

I draw and photograph when I'm looking out.  This time I did a sort of running commentary in notation about what was happening as the flight progressed.  Here are a few of the sketchbook pages--these are in a small sketchbook that I can carry in my purse.  Drawings were done with felt-tip pen and also a small pack of colored pencils that I carry with me.  I did make a few photos from the window but mostly just drew.  Both flights were exceptionally good ones.

Most of the time this sort of sketching is just to remind me later of some of the details of a trip.  But a portion of one of the field sketches might be able to turn into a design for a tapestry... I'll consider it more:


  1. These are wonderful Tommye. Thank you for sharing them.
    Don't feel guilty about the seat. I insist on my window seats too.
    Enjoy Penland!!!!

  2. Thanks, Rebecca!
    I will indeed enjoy Penland--hope my students do, also.
    It was grand to meet you in NM!! Your work is beautiful and I am looking forward to seeing more of it. Have a great time in Germany!

  3. Tommye....just because you took the time to make your reservation, and designate a seat choice doesn't mean that someone can guilt you out of that seat....she didn't bother to take the time, so why should she get your seat??? I, too, like the window seat...I don't feel so closed in that way!

  4. You're right, Lou Ann!! And the reason she wanted the seat was because her carry-on would fit more easily under the seat in front at the window position, she said!

  5. Thank you for sharing, the drawings are fascinating. You shouldn't feel guilty about the window seat. I hate sitting in the isle! I love to watch the landscape beneath.

  6. Don't feel guilty!! You reserved that seat & did some wonderful sketches!!

  7. woah!

    my first time to visit your site, and I LOVE your sketches!!