Friday, August 20, 2010

Fourth day at Penland

Even fewer words... it's 11:12 p.m.; I got to my room from the studio about 10:30 and have just resized photos to post. No more time or energy left to say much more. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words (and those thousand words, if I had them, would say this group is amazing!)

We started the day with a sharing of work by those in the class. We did this yesterday and again today--tomorrow we'll see work from others, as well.

Karen showed flame work pieces from a class she'd had at Penland a couple of weeks ago.

Andrea shared many amazing drawings. These are only a few that she finally laid out on to cover the table.

Joan had photos she wants to work from, watercolor paintings, images of completed tapestries and a copy of a travel journal with small illustrations for each day.

We've completed our fourth full class day now. Everyone is at a different point yet we're all experiencing these beautiful views around Penland. There was a quick thunderstorm this afternoon that caused some excitement since we saw a lighting strike in the near woods. Since we didn't hear later sirens perhaps the strike was at a tree in the woods and not somebody's home.

We've had rain almost every afternoon... this photos was from yesterday afternoon's storm shower.

So now here are random photos from the studio as I left tonight.


  1. "The students reflect their teacher." What wonderful works in progress at the studio!

  2. Looks like you have a very creative group of students. What fun! and what a challenge!