Thursday, April 22, 2010

Wind/Rewind/Weave -- Knoxville Museum exhibit once more

This weekend is the last for Anne Wilson's exhibit titled "Wind/Rewind/Weave"at the Knoxville Museum of Art.  The weekend is also one of concerts and festivals in Knoxville--that's the reason for the tents and the "BIG TASTE..." truck in the photo in the green below the museum.  In fact, as I'm writing this I hear pretty loud rock music from Market Square, right next to the hotel where I'm staying.  I forgot to bring ear plugs so if it goes on beyond midnight, I'm in trouble!

Back to the reason I'm here in Knoxville.  I've participated in a part of Wilson's exhibit at KMA before, the portion called "Local Industry"--as have many other weavers.  That part of the exhibit has a loom set up in one of the galleries at which weavers have been creating a weft-faced fabric in bands of colors.  Each weaver responds to the previous weaver's color choices to move ahead into her/his own sequence of colors.  It's creating an amazing cloth and the full result will be seen tomorrow when the second part of the cloth is cut off the loom (a portion had to be removed from the cloth beam several weeks ago because it was building up so much as to interfere with the operation of the shafts).

I wondered if I'd be as taken with the exhibit concept and the visual impact within the gallery space upon my return as during my first days of weaving earlier in the year--and when I walked into the gallery I still found it all to be breathtaking.  Anne Wilson's work is amazing and I'm happy to have learned more about it by being part of this exhibit and also by having access, in the reading room adjacent to the gallery, to earlier catalogs of her exhibits.

The few photos below were taken quickly late this afternoon when I got to the Museum.  Tomorrow is cutting off day for the second part of the cloth and the finishing will begin.  I'll show stages of that process tomorrow night.

A last bobbin winder fills a bobbin; it won't join the hundreds in the yarn wall but she had the experience and she was quite excited about the process.

A couple of more last viewers of the weaving as it was in process.  The young girl also wound a bobbin the the winding stations.  

Chris Molinski, curator, phtographs Pat Bing in her last few picks of weft on the cloth.

A few of the other of the Knoxville contingent of weavers who've worked hard on this exhibition for the past several months...

and the end of the weaving (gray)... with thick yarn to hold it all in place until we can tackle the end finishing tomorrow!


  1. Tommye, If I'd known you were in Knoxville, I'd have asked you out to dinner, so we could meet! I'm glad you got to meet Pat, LouAnn, Carl and Carol!

  2. What a wonderful post! You really captured the feeling of this last day of weaving. Thank you! It was a pleasure meeting you today.