Sunday, April 11, 2010

and kudzu still grows...

Here's the progress at the end of today.  I'm showing more in this photo since the top of the cartoon that's seen is the top edge of the tapestry.  At the highest point on the left I'm 8" away; from the lowest point with the dip on the right there remains 12" to weave.  Striking distance this week, I think!

Here it is turned as it will be seen when it's hanging.  I'm really looking forward to finding out what's happened over these 60" when it's off the loom. So many color decisions have been made along the way that I can't see now--not so much in the value of the grays of the vine but in the leaves, suggestions of leaves and the background area.  I know I have some very light and bright leaf shapes at the beginning (which will be the left side of the tapestry) but don't know how successfully these will work out with the whole.  This is one of the challenges of working as I do, making color decisions along the way.  It would be easier to judge what's going on if I were working on a loom with the warp stretched entirely before me.  As it winds up onto the cloth beam I lose track of what went before.  That's one of the reasons I take so many photos of pieces in process.  At least those give me some reference and guidance.

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  1. I am iterested as well in seeing the end result and your impressions. It's almost like giving birth - not that I know what that's like - but I imagine there is that moment that finally ends all the wondering what personality and looks the new creation will have.