Thursday, April 15, 2010 here I am, hard at work today on the kudzu...

Oh!  Maybe that's not me after all!  Or maybe I'm channeling a weaver from the 1920s.  Maybe she'll come in at night when I'm gone and finish this tapestry for me!

So here's the 2010 version of the weaver, hard at work on this dang tapestry that seems to grow longer every day.  Oh, yeah... I AM weaving kudzu! 

Here's the tapestry at the end of this day.  Still several inches from the top and I've resigned myself to not having it off the loom to take to the Focus Gallery exhibit that will be in Asheville from April 24-June 15.  I'll be exhibiting along with Diane Getty, like I mentioned in an earlier post.  But that's OK since I'll be back in Asheville for the Guild's Fiber Days during the first weekend in May.  I'll take it with me for my display during my demonstration then.  And, who knows?  It might even grow a few inches longer by then!

P.S.  The b/w photo of the weaver is from The Weaver's Craft by Simpson & Weir, published by Dryad Press.  I found it in the 4th edition of the book, dating 1944.  That's a few years before I was born so maybe I'm really a reincarnation of the weaver--only the shoes didn't make it through.


  1. ha ha, We warned you about that kudzu. It is starting to grow around here,,,,,some say a foot a day

    Looks good though and I am anxious to see it off the loom.

  2. ...and do you fold your legs "just so" in a proper way? HaHa! The kudzu just keeps growing--it's lovely!

  3. slightly different haircut but i like the twinset.
    beware the kudzu, the 1920s weaver probably comes in every night and undoes what you've done that day! |<.

  4. This tapestry has such depth, what with the kudzu growing in and out of the light. It just occurred to me, that when I weave sideways, I also have the top of the tapestry on my left. I wonder if that's universal, and if so, why?

  5. I don't know, Jan... about preference of directions for turn for the design... interesting thought!
    Are you right handed? I am... would that make a difference in how we can understand the design?

  6. i'm left handed and i turn it to the left also. |<.

  7. I'm born left handed, made (as it used to be then) into a right handed person (very handy for weaving!) and have my top on the left also!
    I love the old photo, though to my mind the lady is only posturing, - no weaving and she is sitting too high. Neverhteless great twin! By the time you come back you will just fly through the rest of it. It's in the nature of the kudzu, - there!
    best wishes!

  8. I wonder if you could make a fiber from kudzu like is being done with bamboo. Then you really could weave kudzu!

    Wish I knew how to wave my hair like that...

  9. Lauren,
    Yes, kudzu can be used for all kinds of things... Junco Pollock, GA State professor of textiles, is doing processing of it, spinning it into fibers to be woven with. It's used for weaving quite a bit in Asia, apparently.
    You might look into her kudzu project... quite interesting!

  10. The picture is priceless! Can you imagine having to get so dressed up for everything???

    glad to see the kudzu progressing - now the question is by now is it finished or still growing?