Sunday, February 7, 2010

not as much kudzu growth as I'd hoped today--but...

... any little bit is more than none!


  1. Thank you for showing your work.
    I want so much to do a tapestry but I am having to figure it out all by myself. I have so many pictures in my mind, but no one around that does tapestry. I wish there was someone that I could just watch and learn from for a while. I appreciate what you share.

  2. Hi Cheryl,
    Good luck as you strike out on your own with tapestry! There's are a couple of good videos or DVD by Nancy Harvey, Tapestry - Level I and Tapestry - Level II that are around $40 each. Yarn Barn of Kansas has them -- here's their link; click on the video option at the side bar:

    Also, check out the American Tapestry Alliance website at
    Lots of good inspirational and informative information there.

    Another good resource are the several tapestry artist blogs--I've got links to several at the left. Check what Kathy Spoering, Jan Austin, Kathe Todd-Hooker, Lyn Hart, Jennifer Peavy, Diane Horowitz are writing and sharing about on their blogs.

    Also, Kathe Todd-Hooker is the list owner of a Yahoo tapestry list, if you're not a member of it already you might want to find the link to that at her Fine Fiber Press website. Kathe also has written three books about tapestry weaving; her Tapestry 101 is quite good with all the basics and beyond.

    Another option is taking a workshop somewhere. Usually a three to five day workshop about basics will give enough of the techniques needed to begin and then much of the tapestry learning that proceeds is based on hours and hours of practice. Tapestry is the ultimate "slow cloth"!

    One other thing you might want to consider is to become a member of American Tapestry Alliance and take advantage of the mentor programs they have... Helping Hands might be the best to start with if you're at the beginning stages of tapestry. Information about that is at the ATA website.

    And, my other blog about tapestry called Tapestry Share is linked at the left of this blog. I began it last year after a class at my studio. Although we haven't posted a lot of technical information there the intent is to, bit by bit, share some of the basics at that blog.

    So, good luck to you as you begin this marvelous and always challenging journey of tapestry weaving!