Saturday, February 6, 2010

kudzu--more of filling in the blanks...

Seems like it's going very slowly now yet I know that I'm making progress and the tapestry's growing, inch by inch.  Today as I wove I listened through three CDs and one NPR program--and a good bit of silence.  I frequently pull out the Howard Shore's soundtracks for The Lord of the Rings trilogy as I weave--right now as I post this, Annie Lennox is ending the last of the three CDs with Into the West.

It's still cold and damp here so I'm weaving with a couple of layers of shirt and sweater on.   I'll click "publish post" now and walk on home, maybe settle in short nap to warm up. 


  1. Yes - it's cold and damp here also. I'm not sure which chills to the bone first! I've watched the Lord of the Rings so many times and do know the music has a great influence, but I've never heard the soundtrack by itself. I'm sure it's wonderful, but I wonder if I would dream up movie images! Kudzu is looking great!

  2. Yes, me too... both the chilling and the Lord of the Rings. My husband bought the 3-DVD set of the movie a few years back and I've watched many times over. First time I saw the Fellowship of the Ring, as we left the movie, husband said "What did you think?" and I said, "I'd go right back in now, if they'd show it over!" The books were so much a part of my life in my 20s and in graduate school (I found them relatively late). The score, in some parts, causes visuals from the movies to come to mind. But mostly, the music is just haunting. I could (and have and do) listen to it over and over again. Great weaving-to music.

  3. So funny! I have the books on tape of the Lord of the Rings trilogy, and also The Hobbbit, which I have just begin to listen to for the ?th time. Good background escape literature to weave by!

  4. Kathy,
    I'd love to have the books on CD--maybe a trip to Amazon is in order!! I just bought the Lord of the Rings trilogy in hard back book at our local library sale--$3.00. My paper back are worn out. I'd had a nice hard cover of The Hobbit but it has disappeared through the years. Thanks for putting the book on CD in my head!