Tuesday, February 2, 2010

lots of kudzu leaf work... less on vines today

I spent the weaving time today filling in at the right side after shifting the whole piece down a few inches.  I'm getting used to how to move the warp forward with this Shannock loom--different than with the other looms with warp and cloth beams.  It took a couple of times of doing this to feel at ease with the process.  I really like the tension possible on the loom with the large screws that move the top beam up or down.  I'm quite sure I could put enough tension on the warp to break some, if I tried (not that I want to try that!).  I couldn't easily achieve that kind of tension on the other looms.  I don't weave with the warp as tight as I can make it--but am impressed with the ease on the body for tightening.  These days every bit of body help I can get with my equipment the better!

Here's a view of the same thing rotated 90˚--and I realize just as I wrote this that the highest part of the background area is now an inch or so above the half-way point of the design.  A couple of days weaving at the left side to catch up to that level but I'm getting there!  I'm weaving this for an exhibit in April--more details later.


  1. Thank so much for showing your daily progress. It's really a marvel to see it and hear what you are thinking. I have been thinking recently about how to better advance my loom and I know it comes down to practicing with it.

  2. Jennifer,
    Thanks for your thought!
    About advancing on the Tissart... I usually find releasing tension at the cloth beam first before trying to release on the warp beam works best.

  3. Wow, this is coming along fast. I love the intertwined feeling of those vines, and the colors are really striking. I'm glad you showed it rotated, I never quite get my head tipped over far enough to see it the right way. (I suppose I could just tip my laptop?)

  4. Wow, I love the colors! I am so behind on my blog following ( and most everything else too) it was a treat to check in and see all that progress.
    I too benefitted greatly in seeing the piece rotated. Thank you!