Monday, November 23, 2009

Leaf Dance

Completed on October 30, 2009.  The size is 48" high x 53" wide.  Warp is 12/18 cotton seine twine sett at 6 ends per inch.  Weft is wool/spelsau yarn (Vevgarn) from Norway used 3-fold.  Warp ends are finished with half-Damascus edge.  The hanging is by velcro strip attached to top of the tapestry (soft side) and hook side of velcro attached to wooden bar (see last post for end finishing description).

The title I've given it--"Leaf Dance"--seemed to be the only appropriate one.  I often have titles for tapestries running through my mind while I work on them, or I search for something to fit the feeling I have for the image after it's woven.  The title for this one was quite a struggle.  Maybe one reason for that was because the image is a bit different for me--more loose, related to the source (nature) through emotion rather than observation.  As I considered what to name the tapestry, the playing with leaf-like shapes that I was doing in the paintings made last fall kept coming to mind. The loose painting this tapestry was based upon was one of several I did during the directed studies at Steve Aimone's studio in Asheville last November... this link show several of us working during the days there.  And much of the time you could say we were sort of dancing with the images we were making--moving back and forth, in and out, Steve commenting, "When in doubt, make BIG changes!"

As I worked on this I also was influenced by a visit to Silvia Heyden's home last spring; that trip took place just as I'd begun the tapestry and after the meeting with her I felt empowered to weave for the sake of weaving... not just for the image.  I was able to take the tapestry to show her when she gave the recent workshop for Tapestry Weavers South... here she is taking a look (photo courtesy of Holly Wilkes) and giving her comments.  Silvia said she could see five more tapestries based on this one!  Unfortunately, my eyes and brain can't quite wrap around that concept yet... but maybe soon!

Four more paintings from the intense time last fall wait to be considered for tapestry.  All are loose and free, nature based but emotional response rather than observational studies.  I'm eager to see where this all leads--got to get the big loom warped again in a few days!


  1. Absolutely stunning, Tommye! That design process seems to work well for you. I have the new Drawing book, but haven't yet had the time to devote to it properly yet. Something to look forward to after the holidays!

  2. Tommye, "Leaf Dance" is so alive!

    It's a wonderful piece and an added treat to have that photo of Sylvia contemplating it. Brava!

  3. Tommye - "Leaf Dance" is a perfect title - particularly with the emotional interpretation. I tend to think of dancing as an emotional response. I'm sure it was affirming to have Sylvia's comments on the piece! it is a wonderful direction and look forward to seeing where it goes!