Saturday, November 28, 2009

this one's off the loom... now to finish it

I cut off the small tapestry of the trees and waterfall a short while ago.  I'll let it rest overnight (or is that I'll let myself rest overnight?)--anyway, some resting will take place before the next steps of the finishing process.  Here's the small tapestry ... raw from the loom:

This will be mounted onto a natural color handwoven twill fabric that I'll stretch over a board; I'll cut the board to be slightly larger than the tapestry to leave have about 1/2" on all four sides or whatever amount will allow me to use a frame I have on hand.  I haven't measured what I've got yet but I think I have an 8 x 10" shadowbox frame and that would work just fine for this piece.

Before stitching the tapestry on the fabric covered board I'll use a half-Damascus edge to complete the end finish.  That will take the warp ends to the back of the piece.  I might block the tapestry before doing the ends; I'll decide on that tomorrow after seeing how it looks after relaxing for the night.

This piece was woven at the end of a warp threaded on the Tissart loom--I'd mentioned that before but thought I'd show the loom with the several smaller weavings that are happening side by side.  Cutting this one out has left a gaping hole but there's several inches of weave-able warp remaining.

I'll tie it back onto the cloth beam bar, by lashing on like I did for this part, once I've woven the other sections up to that point and cut them off.

I don't always have enough warp remaining on a wider piece to use for smaller things but when I do I try to squeeze as much out of the loom as I can.


  1. That was quick! And it looks great. Good luck with it at the auction.

  2. Lovely piece! It's pretty neat that you can warp the whole width of the loom and then do multiple pieces.
    I like that!
    I do have a question. There is an X made of what is probably warp material that is running behind the warp from side to side. What is it's purpose?

  3. Tommye, not being a weaver, I don't understand the language of your art, but I am very impressed with all you do. Your work is fabulous.
    Are you still writing, or do you stay too busy with tapestry?

  4. Thanks Kathy and Theresa.

    Theresa--the X behind the warp was holding the cartoon closely in place as I wove. I was stitching it to the tapestry every 1/2" or so and the X of scrap warp held it at the back. Good question!

  5. Hi Glenda... busy with tapestry right now, not too much writing other than morning pages, some studio journal notes, and the little bit of blogging. Still thinking about it--did you see the photo of us in the latest JCFS catalog? That was from YOUR class last year!

  6. Love the tapestry, but then I am partial to black and white these days!

    I'm with you about the warp, I can't STAND to waste it, after all that work getting it on the loom!