Sunday, November 30, 2008

What's on the loom now

I'm going to be at the Folk Art Center in Asheville on December 4 and 5 for a tapestry demonstration. The loom I'd warped when I was at Hambidge Center a month ago is the one I'll be taking with me. It's the black pipe loom I built earlier this year using Archie Brennan's plans. I also wove the fiddlehead tapestry on it but this time I've changed the size to make it narrower since the tapestry I'm weaving is only 12" wide. I used the 24" pipes for the top and bottom beam, rather than the 36" ones I'd used in the earlier configuration. This will also make it easier for me to maneuver it by myself when getting it into and out of the car.

I decided to develop a cartoon from one of the drawings I did while at Hambidge. Since the fall colors were in full effect when I was there all of the drawings and paintings I did there were about that glorious season. This tapestry subject is a dried hickory leaf, along with a pattern of oak leaves.

The hickory trees were absolutely stunning to see--they were luminous, in fact. A few photos of the several hundred I did while at Hambidge were of the hickories, in addition to the several drawings of hickory leaves and nuts.

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