Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Exciting days ahead...

I'll be leaving on Thursday for a weekend workshop with Steven Aimone at his studio in Asheville, NC. I'm hoping to expand on the work I began at Hambidge and possibly develop new design(s) for future tapestries during these days. Steve Aimone has written a book about design that I like quite a lot. Design, A Lively Guide to Design Basics for Artists and Craftspeople. Here's an online review of the book.

I've also had a critique session with Aimone in the past and it was quite helpful. He was the guest speaker for our Tapestry Weavers South group a few years back during a retreat, as well. His wife, Katherine Duncan, has written extensively for Fiberarts magazine and currently has a profile of tapestry weaver, Micala Sidore, on their website.

I'm going to the workshop with my workshop bud, Pat Williams, and I'm eager to get there and get started! After getting back from Hambidge with the lovely shiner my body decided it would give me more "down" time and let a wicked cold attack me. So this past week has been R & R for me...rest and recover. Now, I'm feeling much better and am ready, willing and able to begin work again...just keep those Puffs nearby!

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