Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Here we go again... another year begins!

No, it's not New Year's Day for all of us. But it is New Year's Day for me since it's my birthday. Wouldn't it be interesting it we had fireworks on everybody's birthday? That would mean fireworks all year long, wouldn't it?! OK, so the snarkiest card I've gotten so far is from my sister, the cover has a B-movie film noir look, a woman tearing her hair, screaming into a telephone --one of those old heavy celluloid black kind from the 40s/50s. The inside says: "collect call from Father Time... will you accept?" THANKS, Deb! Maybe I'll save this one for you--send it to you seven years from now when YOU turn 61!

Moving on, in more ways than one... Thanksgiving is tomorrow and I have many things to be grateful for. Family and friends top the list, followed closely by many other things including the ability to pursue my passion for making art work. I've often recalled the heartbreaking tone used by Mrs. Robinson, in the movie The Graduate, when she revealed to Benjamin that her major in college had been art. By that point in her life, she was a frustrated, manipulative, arrogant, demanding middle aged woman who was plunging both herself and her recent college graduate lover into a downward spiral. I first saw the movie when it was released in 1967 and, of all things, that line struck a chord with my 20-year old self at the time. I think the pity I felt for her at that moment made quite an impact on me and, in some small way, played a role in my dogged determination to live my life as an artist.

Of course, my artistic life is like one of the many bricks that make up a house. My personal impact on the world of artistic creation is too minor to be noticed. Yet I like to think that my contributions to the "house of art", whatever that might really be, are found in the people I've taught through the years. I believe I've encouraged many to find joy in the things they can make with their hands, expressing something from within themselves.

I have also found joy in art making and hope to continue to do so for may years to, accept the collect call from Father Time? Your darn right I'll accept! Bring on more time!


  1. Tommye, I am so glad that you pursued being an artist and I am even more grateful you have chosen to share your passion for it for I'm a glad recipient! Your willingness empowered me to start this journey!
    Happy Birthday!

  2. Happy Birthday, Tommye! Hope your year ahead is a good one... productive and peaceful.

  3. Hi Jennifer...THANKS for sharing that. You were already on your creative journey when we met...just glad I was one of the signposts along the way!

  4. Happy Birthday, Tommye! I, too, am grateful for the chance to benefit from your artistic mind. Thank you so much for your help and encouragement with my weaving. You are a jewel!

  5. well, Happy Birthday to you. We are celebrating my husband's 80th tomorrow. A big dinner with all the trimmings;o) Good folks celebrating this time of year. Have a great day.

    Sue Schwarz

  6. Thanks Sue... have a wonderful day with your husband's birthday and Thanksgiving, too!