Monday, November 5, 2007

Clipping ends at the new studio! I'm happily working here now. I turned in the keys for the other place on Wednesday last week, Halloween--appropriate, I guess. Today will be devoted to the black walnut finishing, including a trip to a fabric store somewhere to find twill tape to stitch the velcro onto...thought I had enough for the width but DON'T! I have plenty of velcro but didn't realize I was out of the twill tape. Since I can't find that in Dahlonega I'll be making a trip down the road.

A few shots of the new place--two are from the center room where I have a small work table, the Tissart loom and the new/old Ruthie loom. The first room has a fireplace, bookcase and small sitting area--as well as a wall of shelves for yarn, the 60" Leclerc Gobelin style loom, a two four shaft floor looms--a small Macomber and a 36".

The Tissart and a view of the corner of the first room with the small Macomber floor loom.

View of the nice, soft chair I found at a local antique mall last year--along with the bookshelf and front door through which I hope to greet many visitors!


  1. Congratulations, Tommye!!!

    Your nest is all arranged & you can get back to weaving! How beautiful your studio is & all of the plant life surrounding it... I can see you weaving away in there, smelling all of the wonderful plant aromas & hearing birds singing. One of these days when we are able to travel more, I really want to come back to that area & I'd love to visit your studio.

    I cannot wait to see Black Walnut when it is all finished. Some time ago I was looking for a source for twill tape for finishing & I found a place that sells natural color organic cotton twill tape by the yard so you can order as much as you want. I like the idea that there are no dyes or pesticides that can come into contact with the tapestry. Here is their website--


  2. Lyn,
    Fantastic to hear about that twill tape and I'm going right to the website now.

    Thanks for the comments about the new studio! As soon as I get calmed down a bit I know I'll love it. And, please do come to fact, come for "retreat" some time and stay awhile, as we say in the South!!

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