Sunday, October 28, 2007

The move to my new studio is complete!

The final move of everything to my new place, 106 Martin Street in Dahlonega, happened yesterday morning. I'd been moving boxes and other small things I could lift and get into my car over the past week and arranging on shelves. If I hadn't had that accomplished, I'd be facing a crammed, packed full house this morning! As it is, the looms are placed, most of the yarns and other assorted supplies are on shelves, and--so far--I can find most things (of course, the things I can't find in their new location I don't even know yet that I need!)

My husband had rented a U-haul truck for the move so everything fit into one load. He'd also "enlisted" three friends to help out. With the four of them working, they were able to load up, drive to the new studio (less than 1/4 mile away from the old), unload and be driving off in LESS THAN AN HOUR! Let's see, that was five looms, a small sofa, an arm chair, three tables, small refrigerator, several boxes of stuff, and loom parts...I still can't believe they did it in 55 minutes. My husband has kept telling me, though, that I've done most of the work of moving, with all of the many loads I've made back and forth. I guess he's got a point but I'm still so thankful that he's so very supportive of my work--and that we've got good friends (strong ones, at that).

The Stanton Storehouse, where I've rented the downstairs for the past year, with looms ready to go...all the empty shelves held boxes of yarn and other things I've moved over the past week.

The guys are moving the Kessenich floor loom and also the Tissart loom to the moving truck...the floor loom has a rag rug in progress, a project of a student. We were able to move the loom with no problem to the weaving or the warp.

The Tissart loom has the cut warp ends from the black walnut tapestry still through the reed. There's enough warp remaining so I can retie and weave another small piece.

Here comes the Tissart loom off the moving truck and into the new studio!

The Martin Street studio is a small frame house built in possibly the 1930s. We've owned the house for about ten years, using it as a rental property. It's around the corner from the house we live in and the property at the back adjoins our back yard, with a line of trees between.

The house has only four small rooms, two baths, kitchen but also has attic (with lots of shelves), cellar, and a screened-in back porch.

We've had major renovation done on the house since May and it's good to go for another fifty years or so! I only wish I had that much more time remaining in my tapestry life.

Our cat, Raymond, has been to the studio with me several days and seems to approve. He's a skittish and nervous soul so to have him feel comfortable in the space is quite important to me.

Finishing details for the black walnut tapestry have begun. I was able to work briefly on this on Friday. I've scheduled my delivery day for the Piedmont Craftsman Fair...November 8, so now I must really spend the next few days on this rather than studio arranging.

It's good to be here, though. It feels like a great place and I hope to make productive use of my time here.


  1. This looks like a wonderful move, Tommye! Will your new studio have the good light that the last one had? I see it has some nice shade and a porch - can't do wrong in a place with a porch! My best wishes for you there! May it be a place filled with constant inspiration and peace. Kathy S

  2. Thanks, Kathy...yes, the new studio has good light. The screened-in back porch was one thing that "sold" me on the move! Thank you for your good wishes and I also hope inspiration and peace may be found here.

  3. hi, i hope you can help me. i bought a tissart loom and cant figure out how to put the brake assembly together, could you send me a couple of close up pictures of the brake assem. on yours? Thanks