Tuesday, November 13, 2007

I photographed the black walnut tapestry before taking it to Winston-Salem. I'll send the digital image to one of the companies that converts to slides...in fact, I may try several to compare the slide quality. The company I used before was very quick, the slides pretty good (as good as my digital image), and inexpensive. I don't think I'll have time to have a professional photographer shoot the piece before the deadline for ATB7 so will need to try to get slides done on my own.

To shoot, I stapled a gray background to the garage door, the light was shaded, and I used a tripod. However, the day was breezy and the right side had blown forward a bit--I didn't realize how much effect that was having until I downloaded the photos after my mad dash to deliver the work last week. So, my selvedges look not so good at the lower edge...the work is really much straighter than it appears (so, this is the point where the juror would have to know the inside of my mind rather than what he/she might be seeing!) This is the reason I will re-shoot once the Piedmont Craftsmen Fair is over, this upcoming weekend.

The garage offered a good place to shoot--cement driveway to put the tripod & camera on along with wood door to staple and nail into. I could have solved the breeze problem with a bit of masking tape to the back side of the tapestry, if I'd been aware of the problem. One more lesson to learn about pushing deadline details until the last minute!

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  1. Lovely, Tommye! Good luck with ATB. I'm not sure I have anything to enter this year. Perhaps today is the day I should look into that!